VMIL 2010

The 4th workshop on Virtual Machines and Intermediate Languages

A workshop at SPLASH 2010 in Reno, Nevada on October 17, 2010

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About the Workshop

The VMIL workshop is a forum for research in virtual machines and intermediate languages. It is dedicated to identifying programming mechanisms and constructs that are currently realized as code transformations or implemented in libraries but should rather be supported at the VM level. Candidates for such mechanisms and constructs include modularity mechanisms (aspects, context-dependent layers), concurrency (threads and locking, actors, software transactional memory), transactions, etc. Topics of interest include the investigation of which such mechanisms are worthwhile candidates for integration with the run-time environment, how said mechanisms can be elegantly (and reusably) expressed at the intermediate language level (e.g., in bytecode), how their implementations can be optimized, and how virtual machine architectures might be shaped to facilitate such implementation efforts.

Invited Talks

A JVM Does What????
Cliff Click
Azul Systems

SPUR: A Trace-Based JIT Compiler for CIL
Nikolai Tillmann
Microsoft Research

How's the Parallel Computing Revolution Going? Towards Parallel Scalable Virtual Machine Services
Kathryn McKinley
The University of Texas at Austin

Important Dates

Optional Abstract Submission: Aug 2, 2010, 23:59 Samoan (World Clock)
Extended Submission Deadline: Sep 1, 2010, 23:59 Samoan (World Clock)
Notification of Acceptance: Sep 12, 2010
Camera ready copy due: Oct 4, 2010
Workshop: Oct 17, 2010 - 3rd Floor - Southern Pacific D


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Hridesh Rajan
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Christoph Bockisch
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