Tisa: A Specification Language Design and Modular Verification Technique for Web Services.

These pages describes work carried out on specification and modular verification of such non-functional properties as trust, data privacy for web services and service-oriented architectures. The PI is Hridesh Rajan and much of the work is carried out by Mehdi Bagherzadeh, Cavell Rodrigues, and Robert Dyer. This is a collaborative project with Gary T. Leavens from University of Central Florida.


Jan 2009: ESOP'09 paper on Tisa

Dec 2008: IEEE transactions on services computing (SOC) paper on Tisa

July 2008: New TR on greybox specification for web services.

Oct 2007: Mahantesh and Harish's paper accepted for NWeSP 2007.

Jun 2007: Mahantesh and Harish's paper accepted for IWSOSE 2007.

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