Slede: Lightweight Specification and Formal Verification of Sensor Networks Protocols

These pages describe work carried out under the NSF grant CNS-0627354 on Specification and Verification Challenges for Security Protocols in Sensor Networks. The PI is Hridesh Rajan and much of the work is carried out by Youssef Hanna.


Mar 2009: Youssef's submission to ESEC/FSE 2009 accepted.

Jan 2009: Youssef's submission to the ICSE 2009 Research Demonstrations track accepted as informal demo.

Nov 2008: Eclipse plugin for Slede is available for download.

July 2008: Slede is available for download.

Dec 2007: Youssef's submission to the ACM Conference on Wireless Network Security (WiSec 08) accepted.

Sep 2007: Youssef's submission to the ESEC/FSE 2007 doctoral symposium accepted.

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Setting up Slede Eclipse plugin

1. Run Eclipse

2. Click on Windows -> Preferences

3. Under Slede, fill the fields with the required information and then press OK.