Mining Preconditions of APIs in Large-scale Code Corpus

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Modern software relies on existing application programming in- terfaces (APIs) from libraries. Formal specifications for the APIs enable many software engineering tasks as well as help developers correctly use them. In this work, we mine large-scale repositories of existing open-source software to derive potential preconditions for API methods. Our key idea is that APIs’ preconditions would appear frequently in an ultra-large code corpus with a large num- ber of API usages, while project-specific conditions will occur less frequently. First, we find all client methods invoking APIs. We then compute a control dependence relation from each call site and mine the potential conditions used to reach those call sites. We use these guard conditions as a starting point to automatically infer the preconditions for each API. We analyzed almost 120 million lines of code from SourceForge and Apache projects to infer precondi- tions for the standard Java Development Kit (JDK) library. The results show that our technique can achieve high accuracy with recall from 75–80% and precision from 82–84%. We also found 5 preconditions missing from human written specifications. They were all confirmed by a specification expert. In a user study, par- ticipants found 82% of the mined preconditions as a good starting point for writing specifications. Using our mining result, we also built a benchmark of more than 4,000 precondition-related bugs.

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