A Preliminary Study of Quantified, Typed Events

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In previous work, Rajan and Leavens presented the design of Ptolemy, a language which incorporates the notion of quantified, typed events for improved separation of concerns. In this work, we present an empirical study to evaluate the effectiveness of Ptolemy's design by applying it to a series of architectural releases of a software product line (SPL) for handling multimedia on mobile devices, called MobileMedia, and the comparison and contrast of our findings with a previous in-depth analysis by Figueiredo et al of the object-oriented and aspect-oriented designs of the same system. Our comparative analysis using quantitative metrics proposed by Chidambar and Kemerer (and subsequently used by Garcia et al) and a net-options value analysis used earlier by Cai, Sullivan and Lopes shows that quantified, typed events significantly improve the separation of concerns and further decouple components in the MobileMedia design.

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