AspectJML: Modular Specfication and Runtime Checking for Crosscutting Contracts

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Aspect-oriented programming (AOP) is a popular technique for modularizing crosscutting concerns. In this context, researchers found that the realization of the design by contract (DbC) is cross- cutting and fares better when modularized by AOP. However, previous efforts aimed at supporting crosscutting contract modularly instead hindered it. For example, in AspectJ-style, to reason about the correctness of a method call may require a whole-program analysis to determine what advice applies and what that advice does in relation to DbC implementation and checking. Also, when contracts are separated from classes, a programmer may not know about them and break them inadvertantly. In this paper we solve these problems with AspectJML, a new language for specification of crosscutting contracts for Java code. We also show how AspectJML supports the main DbC principles of modular reasoning and contracts as documentation.

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